Julia Grob

Julia GrobJulia Grob is the co-creator and lead actor of “East WillyB,” an original web series named the “Latino Show for the New Generation” by the New York Times.  Named one of 25 emerging theater artists by Kevin Spacey, Julia has appeared on screen opposite Rosie Perez, Andre Royo (“The Wire”), and Jaime Tirelli (“Girl Fight”) and onstage opposite Kathy Najimy, Billy Crudup, and Jason Biggs. If that weren’t enough to keep her plate full, she’s also a Fellow of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) Latino Producers Academy and Latino Artist Mentoring Program. In short, a kick-ass guest who has taken her career into her own hands and is here to share her story.  Listen in!

Episode 13 – Dion Graham

Dion GrahamWe wrap Season 1 with the incomparable Dion Graham. This classically trained actor is the voice of A & E’s hit series ‘The First 48′. Dion has appeared in many TV shows, perhaps most notably as State DA Rupert Bond on HBO’s smash show ‘The Wire’. Matty and Kieran look back on Season 1, Matty makes a surprise phone call and does an emotional “Magic Moment.”