Stacy Gallo

Stacy GalloListen up actors this week’s guest is speaking DIRECTLY to you. We’re thrilled to welcome our first-ever Casting Director guest: Stacy Gallo. This commercial casting powerhouse has seen it all, and shares her industry insight with us on this very special episode.

Our topic is – what else -THE AUDITION, also explored in an great new “What the Heller” segment. Plus the prodigal son returns! Stacy’s visit is so big that it brings Matty B temporarily out of retirement!  Not sure how to get rid of him now, suggestions welcome.

Season 2: Episode 1 – Betsy Beutler

Betsey BeutlerWhat a way to start Season 2 of The Grind!  Betsy Beutler pulls no punches. This raw, emotional and honest interview is a great testimonial to the life of an actor. Betsy talks about going from a show like SCRUBS to waitressing again. This phenomenal talent also shares her thoughts on the New York – LA move, agents, and that “staying positive” might not be the answer…