Kieran ‘English Kieran’ Kaye

Kieran KayeOur beloved English Kieran is leaving us for the verdant pastures of his homeland and we are dedicating this entire final episode of our season to giving him a proper send off. Prodigal son Matty Blake returns to join Dan as host and manages to not make a single Benedict Arnold joke! Tune in for multiple special guests, highlights from Grinds past, heartfelt goodbyes, and other surprises.  We love you Kieran and miss you already.  Long live the queen!

Episode 12 – Mason Pettit

Mason PettitThis week the Grind welcomes Mason Pettit. This Shakespearean trained actor is now the voice of ABC’s 20/20. Mason has also custom essays appeared in many commercials, films and television. This smart and thoughtful pro gives his take on everything from being “on call” for major news networks, to running a theater company, to food! Oh, and Matty lectures everyone as Kieran gets Fish & Tips help from a Grind listener!