Stacy Gallo

Stacy GalloListen up actors this week’s guest is speaking DIRECTLY to you. We’re thrilled to welcome our first-ever Casting Director guest: Stacy Gallo. This commercial casting powerhouse has seen it all, and shares her industry insight with us on this very special episode.

Our topic is – what else -THE AUDITION, also explored in an great new “What the Heller” segment. Plus the prodigal son returns! Stacy’s visit is so big that it brings Matty B temporarily out of retirement!  Not sure how to get rid of him now, suggestions welcome.

Season 2: Episode 2 – RJ Kelly

RJ KellyThe Grind welcomes RJ Kelly. A tremendously successful commercial actor, you may have seen him tricking children with false promises of ponies and ice cream in the Ally Bank commercials. Most recently RJ is recurring as ‘Sam’, a secret service agent on USA Network’s POLITICAL ANIMALS. Also we break new ground in this episode as Matty and English Kieran host the show virtually, separated by time and space. This could get weird…