Kieran ‘English Kieran’ Kaye

Kieran KayeOur beloved English Kieran is leaving us for the verdant pastures of his homeland and we are dedicating this entire final episode of our season to giving him a proper send off. Prodigal son Matty Blake returns to join Dan as host and manages to not make a single Benedict Arnold joke! Tune in for multiple special guests, highlights from Grinds past, heartfelt goodbyes, and other surprises.  We love you Kieran and miss you already.  Long live the queen!

Henry Strozier

Henry StrozierThis heart-warming interview discusses a lifetime of acting from our guest Henry Strozier. From being in the army to featuring in huge blockbuster movies, this man has done it all. A very genuine interview from a true southern gentleman. Dan also talks Puppy Bowl and English Kieran has some stories from Nashville! Enjoy.

Jim Conroy

Jim ConroyThis week’s episode of TAG sports a shiny new host!  Dan Schachner takes the reins, showing Kieran the love he always wanted and announcing that each episode will now have a “theme” (Cue eye roll from Matty B).

Our guest this week is the incomparable JIM CONROY, who joins Dan to discuss this week’s theme of accents, what it’s like to be nominated for a Daytime Award, and why a prison commissary may not be the ideal place to launch a career in animation.
Also! A transatlantic battle for the title of sexiest British accent (probably NSFW but what do we know), a new weekly segment from the effervescent Katherine Heller and more surprises than you can shake a stick at.
“Class A edu-tainment!” — Dan’s Grandma

Season 2: Episode 2 – RJ Kelly

RJ KellyThe Grind welcomes RJ Kelly. A tremendously successful commercial actor, you may have seen him tricking children with false promises of ponies and ice cream in the Ally Bank commercials. Most recently RJ is recurring as ‘Sam’, a secret service agent on USA Network’s POLITICAL ANIMALS. Also we break new ground in this episode as Matty and English Kieran host the show virtually, separated by time and space. This could get weird…

Memorial Day Special

English KieranFor this weeks podcast the boys change things up with a ‘desert island disks’ special. Use this special musical edition of the Actors Grind to enjoy Memorial Day. As you can see from this photo, English Kieran spends his Memorial Day doing all things British.

Episode 1 – Dan Schachner

For our inaugural podcast The Grind welcomes ANIMAL PLANET’S PUPPY BOWL REF, Dan Shachner.  Dan has hosted shows for HGTV, SPIKE & many others. This versatile actor is the voice of the NATE BERKUS SHOW and does many other TV promos. Dan & Matty talk about the differences between acting, hosting & voice over. Matty goes off on ‘foodies’.  Kieran brings the “Fish & Tips”.