Carl Bishop

Carl BishopThe worlds of acting and music have been intertwined for as long as they’ve existed. High time we made this an episode theme!  With music as our through-line, join us and guest Carl Bishop as we as we hear his amazing journey from drummer to opera singer to radio DJ to voice artist back to drummer again.  Plus!  We present musical submissions from our three finalists for the Katherine Heller jingle contest!  (Spoiler alert: one’s from a former host of the podcast) Later, we explore a serious question: how does the industry’s lingering, unfortunate reputation as a boys club affect gay actors?  And, finally, Kieran turns the tables on Dan during our Fishing for Tips segment.

Please enjoy!

Jim Conroy

Jim ConroyThis week’s episode of TAG sports a shiny new host!  Dan Schachner takes the reins, showing Kieran the love he always wanted and announcing that each episode will now have a “theme” (Cue eye roll from Matty B).

Our guest this week is the incomparable JIM CONROY, who joins Dan to discuss this week’s theme of accents, what it’s like to be nominated for a Daytime Award, and why a prison commissary may not be the ideal place to launch a career in animation.
Also! A transatlantic battle for the title of sexiest British accent (probably NSFW but what do we know), a new weekly segment from the effervescent Katherine Heller and more surprises than you can shake a stick at.
“Class A edu-tainment!” — Dan’s Grandma

Matty Blake

Matty Blake

A very special and bittersweet episode of the Grind. This episode features a BOMBSHELL announcement, culminating in our HOST sitting in the guest chair. A can’t miss for all Grinders!

Mark Sarian

Mark Sarian

The boys welcome Mark Sarian.  Mark is a comedy writer, actor, teacher and producer of content.  Mark talks about being a UCB Alum, his thoughts on how to define yourself as an actor and tells a great Broadway audition story.  Mark also plays perhaps his most difficult role to date: Matty and Kieran’s couple counselor.  Mark is truly hilarious, thoughtful and talented. A great episode full of laughs!

Katharine Heller

Katharine Heller

Katharine Heller is our guest this week…and this time…it’s personal.  This multi-talented artist opens up about her personal life and how she brought that to her art.  This is an area The Grind has wanted to delve into deeper: using your life experiences in your creative endeavors.  Katharine is an open, funny, super smart talent who we loved having on the Grind.  Also, don’t miss the boys pitch to the BBC, a huge American action guest star on Downton Abbey. Plus, Kieran FREAKISHLY predicts the Superbowl perfectly, recorded before the game!

Sebastian Arcelus

Sebastian ArcelusWe “give our regards to Broadway” as we welcome Sebastian Arcelus to the show. Sebastian is a Broadway star but ALSO a filmmaker and star of the new show ‘House Of Cards’ with Kevin Spacey. This friend of the Grind opens up about how he trained himself, spending hours listening to musicals in the library, working his way up to Broadway and beyond. A great interview from a great guy.

Michael McGlone

Michael McGloneMichael McGlone is our guest, a great way to kick off the New Year. You probably know Michael from his incredible performances in Edward Burns films such as ‘The Brothers McMullen’ and ‘She’s The One’.  You may recognize him from his famous Gieco ads or his recurring role on Person Of Interest.  This is a powerful interview in which Michael shares his sincere passion for life.  Matty and Kieran also catch up on everything that’s happened since our last episode and it’s quite a list!  Here’s to a great 2013 for all Grinders!

Season 2: Episode 5 – Brad Aldous

Brad AldousThis week’s Grind takes Matty to Citi Field for a remote interview with this incredible actor, director, writer and performer; Brad Aldous. Despite planes flying overhead, this gripping episode inspires and educates. English Kieran records his sections in his underpants again while Matty is away…

Season 2: Episode 3 – Amelia Campbell

Amelia CampbellThe Grind is honored to welcome Amelia Campbell. This Tony nominated actress most recently starred on Broadway in A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE. Amelia is a truly gifted theater actor but also gives incredible performances in film and television.  Amelia is married to our season one guest Tony Arkin and together they are a New York City acting power couple!  Amelia is also our host Matty Blake’s acting coach.  Amelia shares with us her method for getting ready on stage, how she prepares to cry on camera and what it was like to play Janice Joplin.  A touching, funny and important interview.

Season 2: Episode 2 – RJ Kelly

RJ KellyThe Grind welcomes RJ Kelly. A tremendously successful commercial actor, you may have seen him tricking children with false promises of ponies and ice cream in the Ally Bank commercials. Most recently RJ is recurring as ‘Sam’, a secret service agent on USA Network’s POLITICAL ANIMALS. Also we break new ground in this episode as Matty and English Kieran host the show virtually, separated by time and space. This could get weird…