Kieran ‘English Kieran’ Kaye

Kieran KayeOur beloved English Kieran is leaving us for the verdant pastures of his homeland and we are dedicating this entire final episode of our season to giving him a proper send off. Prodigal son Matty Blake returns to join Dan as host and manages to not make a single Benedict Arnold joke! Tune in for multiple special guests, highlights from Grinds past, heartfelt goodbyes, and other surprises.  We love you Kieran and miss you already.  Long live the queen!

Brian Avers

Brian Avers Headshot Pro 1 lo resYes we’ve been away for a while but we have a darn good reason: Prepping the amazing last two episodes of this season of the Actor’s Grind! The first of the two, which we are proud to present here, boasts the incredibly talented actor Brian Avers AND a huge announcement from English Kieran.

Brian’s directorial debut, celebrated indie comedy The Weekend is now available on iTunes, Hulu, and Amazon Instant.  (Watch that sucker, it’s awesome!)
As an actor, Brian has regularly performed on & off Broadway, including The Lieutenant of Inishmore, Tom Stoppard’s Rock N Roll, King Lear at the Public opposite Kevin Kline, Becky Shaw at South Coast Rep, and originated roles in Completeness by Itamar Moses at Playwright’s Horizons and The Explorer’s Club by Nell Benjamin at Manhattan Theater Club. TV & film appearances include Julie/Julia, Gigantic, In Lieu of Flowers, “Castle”, “The Closer”, “Person of Interest”, “Blue Bloods”, “Golden Boy”, “Medium”, and recurring character Agent Renko on “NCIS” and “NCIS: Los Angeles.”
Brian is also the producer and co-host of a profane and passionate Ohio State football podcast, The Buckeye Brothers, which can be found on iTunes or

As for the second episode, our grand season finale, stay tuned it will be out before the New Year!

Natalie Knepp

Natalie KneppFresh off shooting her latest feature – in which she stars opposite Anna Kendrick – the beautiful and talented Natalie Knepp is here to talk about her extraordinary career.  Natalie credits so much of her success to the support of her mom that it inspired our theme for the day: the role of family in an actor’s career.  Don’t miss this very special and emotional interview.
Plus! Find out why this podcast begins in Kieran’s bedroom with him and Dan sweating profusely. (Hint: it’s not because they had sex, you dirty bird) Plus a new Katherine Heller segment, Kieran earns another $20, and the most entertaining trip to pickup Chinese takeout ever recorded.

Julia Grob

Julia GrobJulia Grob is the co-creator and lead actor of “East WillyB,” an original web series named the “Latino Show for the New Generation” by the New York Times.  Named one of 25 emerging theater artists by Kevin Spacey, Julia has appeared on screen opposite Rosie Perez, Andre Royo (“The Wire”), and Jaime Tirelli (“Girl Fight”) and onstage opposite Kathy Najimy, Billy Crudup, and Jason Biggs. If that weren’t enough to keep her plate full, she’s also a Fellow of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) Latino Producers Academy and Latino Artist Mentoring Program. In short, a kick-ass guest who has taken her career into her own hands and is here to share her story.  Listen in!

Season 2: Episode 9 – Troy Hall

Troy Hall

Troy Hall is a very successful commercial and voiceover actor. He’s also an award winning filmmaker and screenwriter. Troy is the personification of what we always say on the Grind “create your own content”. A great episode in which Matty finally gets to play a Rocky quote. We can’t believe it’s taken this long!

Season 2: Episode 3 – Amelia Campbell

Amelia CampbellThe Grind is honored to welcome Amelia Campbell. This Tony nominated actress most recently starred on Broadway in A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE. Amelia is a truly gifted theater actor but also gives incredible performances in film and television.  Amelia is married to our season one guest Tony Arkin and together they are a New York City acting power couple!  Amelia is also our host Matty Blake’s acting coach.  Amelia shares with us her method for getting ready on stage, how she prepares to cry on camera and what it was like to play Janice Joplin.  A touching, funny and important interview.

Episode 9 – Mike New

Mike NewThe voice of The Grind: MIKE NEW is in studio again and the boys interview him. If you are at all interested in Voice Over, listen close: you won’t get a FREE HOUR of advice and thoughts on the industry from someone of Mike’s caliber anywhere else. Some of his clients include Exxon, Mohegan Sun, Major League Baseball, TNT & many, many more. Oh, and we shall NEVER show you his face!