About the Grind…

This Podcast is a FREE resource for working actors and those who hope to be.  

There’s many of them out there, these “working actors”.  They are not famous, yet need no day job.  They support themselves and their families solely by acting.  They are fully unionized professionals, who’ve worked with A list celebrities and directors.  You’ve seen them and heard them, but if you sat next to one on a plane you may not even know it.

Our host Matty Blake is one of them…and he’s invited his working actor friends into his studio to share their exciting and mundane existence.  They’ll also explore their individual journeys, some easy, most difficult.  Whether you are familiar with our guest or not, one thing is for sure: all of these actors are successful and busy.

Tips and resources will be given out each podcast, including English Kieran’s “Fish & Tips”.

YOU can participate in The Actors Grind by emailing your questions or calling in on our special Live Feed webisodes.  Whether you are interested in learning about acting or just want to be entertained, The Actors Grind is a great way to spend an hour!