Say What???

Here’s what some people are saying about The Grind Podcast…

“Where have you been all my podcast listening life?”
Kristine R., New York City

“I subscribed to your podcast this morning before the commute. Normally I use the tech podcasts I listen to, to help fall asleep. With yours I didn’t want to sleep!  I listened to the first one on the way in and the second on the way home. Can’t wait for the next one!”
Eric H., Connecticut

“Accessible, smart & fun”.
Robyn B., Massachusetts

“I found I could listen to it”
Brian K., Warwickshire, England

“Funny Sh*t. I’m officially a big fan of Actors Grind. Amy was a brilliant interview to listen to and you guys were both so good with her!”
Sarah K., New Zealand

“listened to the podcast on the way into work this morning. Was really really interesting. Looking forward to future ones for sure.”
Jeff C., Massachusetts

“This podcast is f*cking fantastic!!”
Nick S., New York City

“Great work on The Grind… It’s production is outstanding…What a buncha’ JERKS you got on that podcast!”
Anthony A., New York City

“Kieran, Matty’s punching boy. I had this image of you as a pudgy, un-date-able guy who has bought into his father’s lies.”
Irene A., New York

“LOVED the podcast…you guys are amazing. Hilarious, truthful…just awesome. I’m hooked.”
Michael I., New York City