Season 2: Episode 7 – Johnny Lancaster

Johnny LancasterThis week’s episode of The Actors Grind hears Johnny Lancaster’s story. The voice of literally hundreds of commercials and promos including Nickelodeon and Disney, this interview outlines some great tips and incredible stories from West coast to East. Also our first guest host Dan Schachner (Season 1: Ep1) sits in while Matty is off ‘working’ and brings a new dynamic to the mix. English Kieran is, well, just English as usual.

Season 2: Episode 6 – Hugh Klitzke

Hugh Klitzke

This is a first for the podcast: a guest who is not an actor. Hugh Klitzke is the voice casting director for a leading bi-coastal talent agency where he records and directs voice over auditions. In fact, he estimates he’s heard over 85,000 auditions and counting.  Who better to talk to about the art of voice acting?  Hugh is an award winning composer and lyricist, producer and collaborator with Ingrid Breyer on the musical The Precautionary Principle. He teaches voice over classes through  This episode is key for Voice Over actors & those who hope to be. Plus we make a HUGE announcement and get all DOWTON ABBEY on your ass. Featuring music from Coburg’s Widow also.