Season 2: Episode 5 – Brad Aldous

Brad AldousThis week’s Grind takes Matty to Citi Field for a remote interview with this incredible actor, director, writer and performer; Brad Aldous. Despite planes flying overhead, this gripping episode inspires and educates. English Kieran records his sections in his underpants again while Matty is away…

Season 2: Episode 4 – Jake Robards

Jake RobardsJake Robards is a talented voiceover artist and actor. He’s appeared on Broadway, film and television. Jake shares with us his journey from never wanting to be an actor to realizing it’s all he ever really wanted to be. Also Jake talks about being the son of acting legend Jason Robards.

Season 2: Episode 3 – Amelia Campbell

Amelia CampbellThe Grind is honored to welcome Amelia Campbell. This Tony nominated actress most recently starred on Broadway in A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE. Amelia is a truly gifted theater actor but also gives incredible performances in film and television.  Amelia is married to our season one guest Tony Arkin and together they are a New York City acting power couple!  Amelia is also our host Matty Blake’s acting coach.  Amelia shares with us her method for getting ready on stage, how she prepares to cry on camera and what it was like to play Janice Joplin.  A touching, funny and important interview.

Episode 12 – Mason Pettit

Mason PettitThis week the Grind welcomes Mason Pettit. This Shakespearean trained actor is now the voice of ABC’s 20/20. Mason has also custom papers appeared in many commercials, films and television. This smart and thoughtful pro gives his take on everything from being “on call” for major news networks, to running a theater company, to food! Oh, and Matty lectures everyone as Kieran gets Fish & Tips help from a Grind listener!

Season 2: Episode 2 – RJ Kelly

RJ KellyThe Grind welcomes RJ Kelly. A tremendously successful commercial actor, you may have seen him tricking children with false promises of ponies and ice cream in the Ally Bank commercials. Most recently RJ is recurring as ‘Sam’, a secret service agent on USA Network’s POLITICAL ANIMALS. Also we break new ground in this episode as Matty and English Kieran host the show virtually, separated by time and space. This could get weird…