Memorial Day Special

English KieranFor this weeks podcast the boys change things up with a ‘desert island disks’ special. Use this special musical edition of the Actors Grind to enjoy Memorial Day. As you can see from this photo, English Kieran spends his Memorial Day doing all things British.

Episode 10 – Oliver Vaquer

Oliver VaquerOLIVER VAQUER is that breed of actor we love on the Grind – he does it all.  You’ll see him on shows like LAW & ORDER, then you’ll hear him on shows like FAMILY GUY. This multi-talented performer tells an inspiring story of personal growth. Listen to why Oliver thinks maybe you should NOT get into acting.  A compelling interview from a life long actor.

Episode 9 – Mike New

Mike NewThe voice of The Grind: MIKE NEW is in studio again and the boys interview him. If you are at all interested in Voice Over, listen close: you won’t get a FREE HOUR of advice and thoughts on the industry from someone of Mike’s caliber anywhere else. Some of his clients include Exxon, Mohegan Sun, Major League Baseball, TNT & many, many more. Oh, and we shall NEVER show you his face!

Episode 8 – Cheryl White

Cheryl WhiteWhile Matty was away filming a new commercial campaign for Comcast, he met his fictional wife played by the amazing actress CHERYLWHITE. Matty recorded this interview with Cheryl live on set, a first for the Grind!  Some of Cheryl’s credits are stunning, just a FEW include TRUE BLOOD,
SCRUBS & TWO and a HALF MEN. You will learn so much from this L.A.based PRO.